HR Outsourcing and Recruitment

Business Partnering with AAA FM for HR Outsourcing and Recruitment allows you to focus on the strategic activities that make a difference to your organization. We provide efficient, reliable, cost effective and trustable operations that engenders better value for our clients. As an experienced recruiter equipped with conversant database of professionals, we have sculpted a niche in recruitment of resources.

Recruiting Services

We offer the recruitment process outsourcing (Non-Core Functions), employers branding to attract higher-quality candidates, profiles scrutiny, interview management and onboarding process to accelerate desired results.

Employee Data Management

Our experts provides complete life cycle of your employees, from onboarding to profile updation, promotions, evaluations, and separations. Our technological support ensures that data of our Client’s employees is maintained securely, efficiently and effectively.

Payroll Management

We have Integrated Payroll Management Systems flexible and compatible with electronically maintained attendance mechanism at your organization. With just few clicks the payroll digits will be in front of you to execute directly to the staff accounts.

Training and Development

We have a dedicated Training Resources available to identify and maintain the skills and competencies according to your employees need, and maintaining employee records to support the development of available talent within your organization.

Performance Management & Evaluation

We provide a set of KPIs for the year and reports progress against those objectives through Performance Audits. It will help our Client Organizations to take the right decisions for the evaluation of their employees.