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Schools, Colleges, Universities and other academic Institutions are places of social and futuristic value., It has been observed that in past only Government, at Federal and provincial level, was involved in constructing, running and maintaining these institutions but in present era many private varsities have changed the perceptive value of a conventional educational institution; and now students are well aware of the facilities that are supposed to be offered by the Administration.

Students do count the campus, landscapes, facilities, furniture and fixture along with the tutorial excellence of these Institutions.

These academic avenues are a pivotal landmark for immediate employment opportunities and revenue generation. The nucleus in the case of these facilities is that, once you talk of students then this portion of our society is always dynamic, articulate and passionate. They appreciate and depreciate at the same time. If they are not given what has been promised then they would not leave any stone unturned in order to turn the tables against you. It is better not to risk your rapport and once you loose!! you loose forever!!! and let the job of facility maintenance be handled by some one professionally qualified and experienced in the same. 


  • Cost effective and efficient Maintenance
  • Neat and clean, hygienic, healthy, airy and aesthetic environment
  • Maintained and good looking fountain, garden area/ landscaping and indoor plants
  • Maintained and clean Class rooms, corridors, stairs, swimming pool, cafeteria, Gym, Playgrounds  and streets within university boundary
  • Energy Conservation
  • Well maintained and functioning of sanitation, plumbing and waste management
  • Minimizing break down maintenance of equipments and systems
  • Reliable Maintenance enhancing  the life and performance of equipments and Systems installed and facility
  • Maintenance of appropriate Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning system
  • Well maintained lighting and Electrical System
  • Smooth Electricity supply through stand by Generator
  • And many more

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