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Hotels, Motels, Guest Houses and Guest Inns are those places where people form scores of nationalities, culture, countries and geographical locations meet and treat one another. The Travel Tourism industry of any and every country based upon beautifully located, smartly built, timely managed and upgraded Hotels. The most important point that is to be pondered is the aesthetic sense linked with High-tech, expensive and sophisticated Equipments and systems.

Traveling industry is expanding by leaps and bounds round the globe and by every passing day the prevailing size appears on the rise. In many countries, Pakistan is no exception, private sector is even investing and exploring in new avenues and new facets.

It is a flourishing and profitable business but needs extreme sophistication in handling and maintenance; If any equipment or service goes out-figured then virtual and financial loss is ascertained. it requires extensive House Keeping and maintenance of all equipments, systems And Fixtures. People want home away from home.

It is sincerely advisable, not to go for any second thoughts and hand the sensitive task of Facility management over to a professional organization where people know the worth and value of your customers and your reputation.


  • Cost effective and efficient operations
  • Neat and clean, hygienic, healthy, airy, aesthetic and homely environment
  • Well maintained and functioning of sanitation, plumbing and waste management
  • Maintained and good looking fountain, garden area and indoor plants
  • Maintained and clean corridors, stairs, swimming pool, cooking area, dinning hall, rooms, reception area  and streets within hotel boundary
  • Less Energy utilization cost
  • Reliable Maintenance enhancing  the life and performance of equipments and Systems installed and Hotel
  • Maintenance of appropriate Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning system
  • Well maintained lighting and Electrical System
  • Smooth Electricity supply through stand by Generator
  • Minimizing break down maintenance of equipments and systems
  • And many more

If you are desirous to have a nicely maintained Hotel and Restaurant then





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