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AAA FM possesses proven track of Facility Operation and Maintenance, especially when you refer Top of the line Corporate Facilities as they are no exception. This familiarity and knowledge has enabled AAA FM to identify the Facility System / Equipments who meets your requirements and budget without zero-waiting of time.

We think, We feel, We believe and We are sure that ‘can offer you a safe, reliable, cost effective and soothing solution to your buildings because of the earned expertise of handling complex and intricate Building maintenance Operations.

We are looking forward to secure long term relationship with our client by providing following services:

Equipments Selection:

AAA FM understands the Ergonomics very well and it is the reason that we invest our best in selecting most adequate, suitable and apt equipments needed to co-relate with your Business Operations. Since that, Quality is always a Non-compromising feature so, our main aim is to link the selection of equipments with Maximum efficiency and minimum handling intricacies.

We, on selecting Equipments, extend due consideration to: 

  • Its suitable to your needs or demand.
  • It works on maximum efficiency.
  • It reliable and permit ease of maintenance so as to ensure a minimum of downtime;
  • Minimizing the waste of energy.

Equipment Procurement:

AAA FM does procurement of equipment on behalf of all of its clients. We understand that an effective procurement must include remanufacture, repair, return and replacement. Smart and Qualitative Purchasing of Operating Instruments and Equipments saves time and cost altogether and increase the efficiency and efficacy of the operators.

AAA FM helps to improve your savings through procurement of equipment. We do offer a flexible approach to meet your inimitable and peerless requirements.

Procurement Administration Support

  • Planning & Budgeting
  • Coordination with the Original Equipment Manufacturer
  • Cost Controlling & Monitoring
  • Warranty support
  • Equipment & spare parts verification
  • Use of non hazardous material.

Equipment Erection & Installation:

AAA FM offers clients to assure a turbulence free startup which includes erection, installation and startup of equipment.

Right erection and installation of the equipments provides a long term operating durability of the equipments. Improper installations are leading causes of premature failures, immediate breakdowns and sudden malfunctioning.

Our expert Engineers validate the post installation inspection, handle vendor manpower and implement all engineering prescribed checklist according to the equipment manual; also follow the statutory requirements for optimum performance and startup of equipments.




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